Blue meeting

Custom Turborama


16mm ICTA conduit braided with coreless recycled polyester rope

300 x 250 cm

“In the future, when you worry about a grey sky with no visibility, as much sky as the air you breathe, which you can feel in your bronchi, in your lungs, people reassure you as best they can. They talk of the ‘blue meeting’*. ‘Don’t worry, blue meeting soon.’ Even if you’re curious, and you’ve got nothing against what this might mean. The blue of ‘blue meeting’ is the only blue these days.”
– Jakuta Alikavazovic, Habitantes, issue 2


A large Turborama screen custom-made for the Byform interior architecture studio was installed in the main hall of the Presshaus building in Berlin. The screen is made from defective Turborama sheaths** recuperated from the Courant factory and made entirely by hand using the System T bead-weaving technique.



*A blue sky phenomenon resulting from geological engineering, the product of pulverising reflective particles in upper parts of the atmosphere to reflect beams into space.

** Machines aren’t turned off once the sheath’s colour has been changed – they run continuously. The ‘watercolour’ variations on this sheath correspond to the necessary adjustment time for the plastic extruder to reestablish a pure, homogenous colour.


© Simon Bevan

© Simon Bevan
  1. © Simon Bevan
  2. © Simon Bevan